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Cel-Soft’s applications are very fast and efficient due to the use of highly optimised image processing algorithms. By running these where ever possible on the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) on the graphics card within the PC, we can achieve extreme levels of performance at relatively low cost as no custom specific hardware needs to be used. Generally these imaging analysis processes can be done in parallel with all the normal tasks due to the multi-threaded capabilities of our award winning software. We also build the high-performance PC platforms too.
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Power of the GPU
keeping a eye on your image quality
Cel-Soft based in the UK, specialises in test and measurement solutions and other applications for broadcast television and cinematography professionals in HD and also in 3D. We develop, innovate and invent our our own products and as such are responsive to produced just what is needed.

PSE-Check is the low-cost software solution to Ofcom & DPP compliance for possible flashing images.
We also have developed the Reel-Check system for checking 2D TV and camera systems. Because our products are PC software based, they are very flexible and constantly being improved. Cel-Soft also sells turn-key systems based on high performance PC platforms with software and interfaces configured to customers' requirements.

In 3D

Our Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic analyser has become the de-facto standard for post-production QC in 3D suites as well as being capable on-set in production. We have added many new features and novel concepts by user request.

Our Broad-server PC range provides the shear performance needed to host any broadcast software applications that you need in-suite, on-set or in-rack. We also can provide custom designed software solutions for your specific requirements a solution in professional television or digital imaging.