keeping an eye on your image quality
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keeping a eye on your image quality
Live 3D Analysis Displays
The Cel-Scope3D has many different display modes and tools making
it the most flexible toolset for real-time 3D image analysis in the world.
IBC 2010 and featured award "What caught my eye"
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with pixel-probe option
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Full scene depth map
Depth budget histogram
Vertical disparities Histogram
Vertical disparities map
Edge violation image markers
Depth Chart in Real-Time- multiple timebases
Depth Spectrogram - multiple timebases
Zoned region of interest disparity analysis
Live Readout of disparity for both negative and positive extremes
Direct readout for Vertical error, rotation and scale disparities
Alarms for excess disparity

Up to 16 channel monitoring
Audio bars levels any scale
Surround sound in 5.1 GMO display
Audio spectrograms
Custom audio preset buttons
Audio waveforms like oscilloscope

Video Analysis Displays
Live 3D Image Displays Special Tools & Features
Anaglyph 3D in any colour separation scheme
Anaglyph stereo in monochrome
Wiggle/flicker mode
Anaglyph stereo in any separation scheme
Anaglyph stereo in monochrome
Various split picture modes in colour or mono
Checkerboard, Checkerboard with IDs
Percentage grid - any %
Monochrome or colour image display
False colour imaging of luma left / right
Magification down to pixel levels in any image view
Video Waveform  Left, Right or combined overlaid
Waveforms in 1H or field/frame or line selector
RGB parades in stacked,overlaid or normal parade
Gamut mode display 
Video Vectorscope  Left, Right or combined overlaid 
Vectorscope scales 75%,100%, x2, x4 or variable
Histograms for Luma, Red, Green, Blue for Left, Right or combined
Histograms YRGB in stacked or parade formats
Timecode display in 6 user selected sizes

Left, Right or combined overlaid 
Audio Analysis Displays

Custom preset buttons
Alarms for depth budget or any parameter set
White Balance measurements
Pixel picker check
Output to HDMI, HD-SDI or DVI in any stereo format
   for external monitoring on 3D device or projection